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Two announcements, one is that if you’re a member of Bradford libraries, you can now borrow a copy of our graphic novel Boys Don’t Cry (see the catalogue entry for details). The other is that Ostragoth (in the form of artist Mark Pexton) will be at Bristol Comic Expo next week (Saturday 14th May).

I urge and encourage you to borrow Boys Don’t Cry if you can, both to support the library and to make us slightly excited when we see that someone’s taken it out (we don’t get any money, so don’t go thinking that’s why I’m asking. If we were in this for the money, we wouldn’t be in this at all).

For those living further south who are getting tired of all these parish notices about local libraries and comic shops, get yourself to Bristol next Saturday and not only can you buy a copy of Boys Don’t Cry or one of Mark’s prints or postcards, but you get to meet the artist himself. What could be a better reason for attending? (surely not the impressive list of guests?). Admittedly I’m not going along this year, but hopefully next year.

To those of you nowhere near Bristol or Yorkshire, I can only apologise. But have you seen our fine online shop?



Vaguely interesting if you like that sort of milestone thing – we’ve now had 900 views of this blog. Stephen Fry no doubt gets 900 views a nanosecond when he’s announcing what coat he’s thinking of wearing, but for a little backwater like this, 900 in a few months seems quite a lot. Thank you and hello to all those who’ve visited.

2010 has been a year of achievement for us, the culmination of a dream (we should get out more, maybe) and the beginning of something (we hope). OneMonkey is planning to book us a table at the Bristol Comic expo in May, this week, so pencil it in your diary and it’ll give you something to look forward to with us.