I meant to write a post earlier this week flagging the forthcoming Leeds alternative comics fair, but the week ran away with me somewhat, and by the time I finish writing this, it’ll be about finished. Still, OneMonkey and I did manage to go along for a browse and a chat, and a most genial gathering it was. I don’t generally carry cash but I had enough on me to dip into the world of Fetishman, and indulge my vague Newcastle homesickness (I only lived there 4 years but I do miss it sometimes) with Gary Bainbridge‘s Grainger St, a brief journey in pen and ink from Central Station to Grey’s Monument.

I met Geof Banyard of Physics World fame (oh, and he does Fetishman these days), and chatted with a pleasant bearded chap (who may well have been Andrew Waugh, but I didn’t actually ask him) who was happy to advise us on first-time Thought Bubble. He asked what Boys Don’t Cry was about, and I waffled for a couple of minutes without enlightening him at all – a friend of mine suggested last week that all 3 of Ostragoth memorise the back-cover blurb, because at least 2 of us are likely to fall apart at that point, and I’m guessing it’ll become a regular question.