Further perusal of the wall of exhibitors’ logos at the Thought Bubble site (I so want Thoughtbubble to be one word, compound nouns are so satisfying but since it’s actually the name of someone’s venture I’ll behave and write it properly) has turned up another comic that OneMonkey particularly likes – 100 Planets. Simple and pleasing style, neat concept, but does the name mean it’s of a limited life and will end after 100? I hope not (unless of course he’s pretty much used up all the good ideas by then).

The one I noticed was Neptune Factory, I remember seeing her there last year, and in fact Vampire Free Style issue 1 was about the only thing I bought that day. I love her style! Micia the cat was what attracted me over to the table in the first place (for the importance of cute animals in attracting vaguely gothy women to your table, see also Gothy Beans).

Anyway, that was just to share the excitement that we’ll be there in November alongside people like this.