This time I asked Mark who (or which era of which comic) he would have liked to work with if he’d had the chance:
I’m tempted to say I would’ve liked to have worked with Stan Lee in the ’60s then I could have got no credit like all those artists! But seriously, I think 2000 AD of the late ’80s/ early’90s is my favourite period of comics, it would’ve been great to have been part of that. I wouldn’t have been in the same league as those people. I would have also liked a run on Daredevil especially under the under-rated DG Chichester years, Lee Weeks‘ work was great so I couldn’t have done better and I couldn’t have done 30 pages a month but it would’ve been fun to do one issue!
And the same question relating to current possibilities:
Tough one. Writers wise I reckon I’m already working with my favourite 🙂 . But working with John Wagner & Alan Grant on a Judge Dredd would be cool (even though it probably wouldn’t suit my style), or Neil Gaiman on a Sandman story (which I reckon would *hint Mr. Gaiman if you’re reading*), or Clive Barker on a fetish horror comic,  or a run on Daredevil written by me! There are lots of current artists I admire but I wouldn’t want to work with them as they’d show me up: Alex Maleev, Ben Templesmith, Glenn Fabry, Arthur Ranson to name but a few. Also I’d like to work with anyone who will give me..erm what’s it called..ah yes…money.
For the record, though I enjoy working with Mark (there’s the flattery, for one thing) I’d be prepared to stand aside for a Pexton-Gaiman partnership.