Further insights from sci-fi, fantasy and comic artist Mark Pexton – today he invites us (metaphorically. I don’t think we’d all fit) into the studio to watch him work. Or as OneMonkey put it, he answered my next couple of questions on techniques, tools and timescales (OneMonkey does love his alliteration).

Technique is usually the same: start with a pencil drawing, usually from a photo reference since life models are difficult to find. I prefer using photos I’ve taken but often I end up using stock photos from deviant art which sometimes is quite inspirational, I specialise in parasitising other people’s talent! Once I have a pencil drawing I scan it and mess about with it – I usually use Paint Shop Pro 8 for colouring, inking. I’d prefer to do everything traditionally but digital allows me to hide my multifarious mistakes and to do it all much quicker. I can usually do a page [of a comic] in a day or so if I’m in the mood, about the same for Interzone type things as well.